Playa Minitas Seashores in the Dominican Republic are delightful. At the point when I contemplate seashores from an outlined travel index, photographs could be taken from the Dominican Republic. One ocean side I recollect specifically. Playa Minitas – A spotless and flawless ocean side in Casa de Campo. Peruse my brief tale about a wonderful oceanside in the most established retreat of the Dominican Republic. Perhaps you really want some Caribbean motivation for your next excursion?


playa minitas

Playa Minitas is certainly not a public ocean side. It is situated within the esteemed Casa de Campo in La Romana. Casa de Campo was by the way the principal resort in the Caribbean and exists now for right around 50 years.

To have the option to get to it you really want to have authorization to enter. That makes the ocean side extremely private in correlation with numerous different sea shores in the Dominican Republic. The benefits of private sea shores like Playa Minitas are self-evident:

Not every person can enter the premises These sea shores are furnished with lifeguards and security
Less commotions, no ocean side merchants, better clean offices be that as it may, the best thing I would consider is the tidiness of Playa Minitas. In contrast with numerous different sea shores in the Dominican Republic, you won’t track down any plastic trash there. Whenever I visited public sea shores, there were extremely numerous indiscreet individuals abandoning their rubbish.

Obviously, a renowned retreat like Casa de Campo can’t manage the cost of any imperfections and lacks on their premises. The ocean side was exceptionally spotless and coordinated. I cherished their commitment to supporting a perfect climate!

Whoever could do without sand between the toes has an incredible other option. A couple of yards from the shore is a pool. Extraordinary for individuals who could do without saltwater and could do without being in the midst of the waves.

As I wrote before, this beach was one of the greatest I saw in the Dominican Republic. It was quiet there, not too many people around, and simply that kind of beach you would expect from an illustrated catalog. A real paradise!

According to my viewpoint, it would be the ideal ocean side for families with small children. The shoreside at Playa Minitas was extremely shallow and the moving waters can’t be even considered as waves. I generally saw a few lifeguards noticing the coasts. Children would be really protected there and live it up.

I did as well. For what reason can’t be all sea shores like Playa Minitas in Casa de Campo?